Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fantasy Baseball! Top Twelve Second Basemen

Good morning, baseball enthusiasts.  We are only a few short weeks away from Spring Training, and with March as the un-official beginning of the fantasy baseball draft season, let's get to the second basemen.  By the way, the second base position feels deeper that it has in the past, when it was sort-of "Chase Utley or bust!"  And as you will see in our (and some other experts) rankings, there is some instability regarding how all of these guys will filter out in 2012.  But this is how we do it (shout out to Montell Jordan):

1.      Robinson Cano
1.      Ian Kinsler
2.      Dustin Pedroia
2.      Robinson Cano
3.      Ian Kinsler
3.      Chase Utley
4.      Ben Zobrist
4.      Brandon Phillips
5.      Brandon Phillips
5.      Dan Uggla
6.      Michael Young
6.      Michael Cuddyer
7.      Dan Uggla
7.      Dustin Pedroia
8.      Rickie Weeks
8.      Michael Young
9.      Chase Utley
9.      Ben Zobrist
10.  Howie Kendrick
10.  Rickie Weeks
11.  Danny Espinosa
11.  Aaron Hill
12.  Aaron Hill
12.  Howie Kendrick

Some Quick Comments:  I'm really going against the grain by having Kinsler in the top spot rather than Cano.  In doing this, I'm betting (probably stupidly) that a guy who went 30-30 last year will have a relatively healthy season.  Cano is the safer play, but I think that Kinser is the better all-around fantasy player, when healthy (which I think he will be).

You can tell by our rankings, that I still think Utley has got it, placing him at #3, while ADR sees him a bit more in decline, dropping him to #9.  

Additionally, both of our top twelves feature guys who probably won't be seeing much, if any time at second base, but who will qualify there by virtue of last season--Michael Young (#6 for ADR and #8 for me) and Michael Cuddyer (#6 for me).  I actually think Cuddyer could be a tremendous value this year, especially if you've got him at second base, as he is moving from a pitchers park in Minnesota, to the rarefied air of Coors Field.  Wouldn't be surprised at all by 30 bombs and sneaky double-digit steals.

By the way, do you remember how it felt like Dan Uggla couldn't figure it out in Atlanta at the beginning of the season last year?  He still finished with 36 jacks.  Expect big things.    

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