Monday, November 28, 2011

"If I Were General Manager..." Series: NL West

If I were the General Manager of the...


-Build around the surprising trio of Kennedy, Hudson and Josh Collmenter.

-Sign a reliable, but cost-effective pitcher to fill in a #4 spot. We're looking for durability and consistency, and preferably someone who will keep the ball down. Joel Piniero might be a reasonable target, and then Joe Saunders becomes a very respectable #5.

-Use a trade or free agency to obtain a slugging left fielder. Carlos Lee would be my target, since the Astros are in full rebuilding mode, but I would also inquire about Kyle Blanks, Allen Craig, Josh Willingham, and Carlos Quentin. This lineup will be treacherous with one additional impact bat and the return of Stephen Drew.


-Move Juan Uribe to the bench, and ask the Padres what it will take to obtain Chase Headley. I'll give up one of our elite bullpen arms for an everyday player, and an underrated impact bat without hesitation.

-Stretch out Blake Hawksworth and make him the fifth starter over Dana Eveland. This will give us at least 3 decent lefties out of the pen, so I'll check in with some teams that are thin on the left side of the bullpen. Target a bench bat or add the lefty into the previously mentioned deal for a respectable third baseman.

-Shop for a #3 or #4 starter in free agency. Obviously, I'll take the #3 starter, since those are bettter....and it's not my money. Even better, I'll overpay to keep Hiroki Kuroda.

-Leave a spot open for Jerry Sands play every day.... Done.


-San Francisco's park dramatically promotes triples and suppresses home runs, so the plan is to cater to those features. I also happen to have a gaping hole at shortstop, so I'll take.......Jose Reyes please.

-Undo the Melky Cabrera for Jonathan Sanchez swap. I would want to keep the pitching depth and go after a defensive-minded center fielder given the afore-dimensions of the ballpark. Coco Crisp or a young speedster... I would settle for someone like Reed Johnson or Ryan Spilborghs via free agency or a minor trade.

-Since the signing of Reyes takes us out of the running for Beltran, we need a cost-effective outfielder. Brandon Belt plays left, Unnamed Speedster in center, and I would stick with Nate Schierholz in right. He has been surprisingly solid with the bat over the last few years, and will give you comparable production to most of the low-tier options in available in free agency. The return of Buster Posey should make this lineup decent enough for the pitchers to win games for us.


-I didn't mind the Jaso for Luebke swap. But to fully take advantage, I would flip Nick Hundley and a prospect I don't like for a high upside shortstop prospect in the lower levels.

-Since we're rebuilding, I would shop Chase Headley and get all I can for them.

-Since Cameron Maybin is still young, I will build around the trio of Maybin, Blanks, and Venable.

-I would make Luke Gregerson the closer from day one. This is not to win games, this is so I can then trade him as soon as the league views him as a "closer" and will give me a good return.

-Save the rest of my money and resources for brighter days, hopefully in about 2-3 years.


-Pencil in Ian Stewart for an everyday role at second base in 2012. I'm expecting a bounce-back year and I promise he'll give you more on offense than he gives up on defense. Kouzmanoff will return at third base.

-Since curveballs and sinkers don't play well in Coors, I will seek out trades for pitchers that have a "heavy" fastball. Guys like Chad Billingly, Fausto Carmona, and Edinson Volquez are my targets. (Unfortunately, the ideal fit would be Ubaldo Jiminez, but I'm still working under the assumption that the Rockies front office knew something about Jiminez that the rest of the league doesn't.)

-Sign Ryan Ludwick or someone similar. He hits the ball hard and in the air frequently, so he should benefit from the environment. He also plays above average defense as a corner outfielder.


  1. Dang.......I'm a good general manager....

  2. Do you think that having Stewart at second base will cost the Rockies defensively?

  3. I do....but I think he is capable of enough offensive production that the poor defense would be an afterthought. (Think Dan Uggla). That said, he has dramatically underachieved at the plate recently, so if his bat doesn't turn around then he'll be out of the lineup quicker than you can say "Herrera".