Thursday, November 10, 2011

Transaction Reaction: Ryan Madson and Willie Bloomquist

This will be the first of what will be many posts in our "Transaction Reaction" series.  Over the course of the offseason, the day after major transactions occur in MLB, we will be providing evaluative reaction.

  • Ryan Madson agrees to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies for on a four-year $44 million dollar deal
    • This is a horrible move for the Phillies.  I saw this one coming when I wrote in a previous post: "Madson is a good pitcher, but he is going to get a huge contract for half a season of successfully finishing games."  The closer is easily the most overvalued position in baseball and the Phillies just committed not only big dollars, but big years to a guy who hasn't even proven himself to be consistently good at closing games.  I'd like to think with the sort of contract, they could have attracted more proven commodities like Jonathon Papelbon or Heath Bell.  
    • In addition, the Phillies really should have allocated these resources in other places.  Their expensive players are getting older (see: Ibanez, Raul; Utley, Chase; Polanco, Placido) and hurter (see: Howard, Ryan), and the roster is quickly becoming a sinking ship with many gaping holes leaking water.  And they just took their biggest cork and put it in the smallest hole.   I guess they figured that they had the $13.5 million from Brad Lidge's contract already earmarked for a closer...
  • Willie Bloomquist signs with the Arizona Diamondbacks on a two-year $3.8 million dollar deal   
    • I think this is a great deal for the Diamondbacks.  Bloomquist is an established veteran presence on a young team who has proven his ability to play numerous positions, including an extended stint as the starting shortstop last year, while providing decent offensive value.  And the price tag is very affordable.  

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