Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Transaction Reaction: Mark Ellis

The Dodgers signed Mark Ellis to a two-year, 8.75 million dollar contract.

  • This continues the run on low-ceiling middle infielders. With the exception being Hill, we have already seen a few low-tier middle infielders signed early this off-season. His value has always been with his glove, but at this cost I have a hard time justifying the decision. If your team has a triple-A shortstop, you have Mark Ellis in the fold already, and for the league minimum! Instructions: 1) Take your dirt cheap triple A guy, 2) Slide him to second and hope he hits a little and 3) You're in business! 4) Spend your winnings elsewhere... It was thought that Ellis might experience a slight jump in his numbers after leaving Oakland for Coors Field, which did happen temporarily. However, he immediately jumps back into a pitcher's park for the 2012 season.

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