Monday, January 30, 2012

Fantasy Baseball! Top Twelve Catchers

Good afternoon, friends.  Sorry for the long layover between posts.  We were caught in the McD's drive-through behind the Detroit Tigers corner infielders (Wocka Wocka! Ok...sorry...)  Anyhow, let's not waste anymore time!  Here are our Top Twelve Catcher rankings for 2012:



1. Matt Wieters

1. Mike Napoli

2. Mike Napoli

2. Brian McCann

3. Brian McCann

3. Carlos Santana

4. Carlos Santana

4. Buster Posey

5. Joe Mauer

5. Joe Mauer

6. Buster Posey

6. Matt Wieters

7. Miguel Montero

7. Miguel Montero

8. Yadier Molina

8. J.P. Arencebia

9. Jesus Montero

9. Jesus Montero

10. Russell Martin 

10. Alex Avila

11. Geovany Soto

11. Yadier Molina

12. Wilson Ramos

12. Russell Martin

A Few Quick Comments: Overall, the field at catcher seems to be noticeably deeper than it has in recent years.  I remember in recent years feeling as if I needed to try for one of the top three or four guys, or forget about it, because there was such a steep drop-off.  This year, however, I would honestly be fine going into the season with any of my top twelve.  In terms of draft strategy, that means I'm not reaching (or overpaying, in an auction setting) for a catcher.  I have my guys I'd like to get, but only if they fall to me at my price.  

ADR has Wieters in his top spot.  I like Wieters, but not quite that much.  Though maybe this is the breakout year everyone has been waiting for... I've got Napoli there because last year he hit 30 home runs in 432 at-bats, and I'm betting this year the Rangers find a lineup spot for him everyday after he was one out away from being the World Series MVP.  Remember that opposite field bomb he hit off Carpenter in the World Series? Yikes!  

ADR has two players in his top twelve that aren't in mine:  Geovany Soto and Wilson Ramos.  In their places, I've got J.P. Arencebia and Alex Avila.  A lot of folks are down on J.P. because of the batting average, but the guy mashes in a very potent lineup, and held a decent batting average most of his minor league career.  

We both have Jesus Montero in the nine spot.  Even though he plays in power-suppressing Safeco Field, he has the offensive pedigree that could very easily jump him to the top of the rankings.  Then again, he could be a huge bust.  Someone will roll the dice... And speaking of roll the dice, Joe Mauer is scary this year!  He is a tremendous player, in his prime, IF he is able to stay healthy.   

Anyhow, we'd love to interact further on our rankings in the "comments" section below, so post away!

Up next, Top Twelve First Baseman!

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