Sunday, January 1, 2012

MLB Power Ranking: January 1

Happy New Year to all of our "Hottest Stovers" (newly coined term)!  Starting today, on January 1st, we will be updating our MLB Power Rankings on the first and fifteenth of every month.  With every rise or drop of a team, we will offer a brief explanation for the change.  Not much has happened since we last ranked the teams in December, so there won't be a whole lot of drastic changes made.  As always, feel free to squabble in the comments below!

  1. Boston Red Sox
  2. Texas Rangers
  3. St. Louis Cardinals (Up from #5.  The addition of Carlos Beltran coupled with the positive rehab news from Adam Wainwright gives this team a boost.  Plus, the Yankees really only have one good starting pitcher right now, and don't seem to be doing anything to change that fact. [see "The Yankees' Inexplicable Dearth of Starting Pitching" article])
  4. New York Yankees
  5. Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim)
  6. Philadelphia Phillies
  7. Arizona Diamondbacks
  8. Detroit Tigers
  9. Tampa Bay Rays
  10. Toronto Blue Jays
  11. Cincinnati Reds (Up from #12.  Change due to Mat Latos acquisition.  He's a great pitcher, but he's also going from one of the best pitcher's parks to one of the worst.)
  12. Atlanta Braves
  13. Washington Nationals (Up from #17.  I don't think that the Nationals acquisition of Gio Gonzalez is a complete game-changer of a move, but it caused me to re-evaluate their roster and commitment to winning now.  Wouldn't be surprised to see the Purple Rain land here as well.)
  14. Cleveland Indians
  15. Colorado Rockies
  16. San Francisco Giants
  17. Miami Marlins
  18. Chicago White Sox
  19. Minnesota Twins
  20. Milwaukee Brewers
  21. Kansas City Royals
  22. Los Angeles Dodgers
  23. Pittsburgh Pirates
  24. San Diego Padres (Up from #26.  Slight bump because of Carlos Quentin acquisition.  Still a team with a lot of holes.  Just one less, now.)
  25. Seattle Mariners
  26. Chicago Cubs
  27. New York Mets
  28. Baltimore Orioles
  29. Houston Astros
  30. Oakland Athletics

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